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Mona’s a godsend if you’re in need of some serious tension relief. A certified foot reflexologist with 18 years’ experience, she can tell if you’ve a bad back, tight shoulders, migraine, digestion problems or even if you’re nearing that time of the month.

She can tell if you’ve got a sore throat or aren’t getting enough sleep just by feeling certain points on your feet. This woman really does know her stuff.

With an ever-ready smile and nurturing manner, Mona constantly checks to see if you’re in any discomfort during the massage. If you’re feeling a little under the weather, she’ll spend more time on targeted points to relieve your symptoms.

If you’re new to reflexology, remember that it can hurt at times-the aim is to ‘unblock’ the body’s circulation network. So let’s say if you’ve been under a lot of work stress, it will hurt when Mona puts pressure on your big toe, which is the corresponding point to the head. But the pain will lessen with regular visits and you’ll feel like you’re walking on clouds after a session. Any discomfort is well worth it for the peaceful, deep sleep you’ll get that night.

Anyone from the ages of two to 92 (even older) can go for foot reflexology -Mona says that some of her clients are stroke patients who acknowledge that the sessions with her have helped them regain feeling in their limbs. Mona suggests the treatment is ideal if you’re looking for a complementary health maintenance regime – Allyson Klass SH

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